Lord and Savior

Christians utter these words and frequently fail to understand the huge difference in their meanings. I think we miss out on the difference because we use them in reference to one person, Jesus.

The word “Lord” refers to a king. When I was a commissioned officer in the Navy I pledged to carry out the lawful orders of the President of the United States. When I refer to the Lordship of Jesus I’m pledging to obey his commands.

The word “Savior” refers to Jesus as or servant dispatched to save us from eternal death. If you want an example of a servant rent the movie “Saving Private Ryan” and you’ll see there a savior giving his life so another man might live.


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An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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One Response to Lord and Savior

  1. territiffany says:

    Ed, I usually don’t think of this when I use the words– I guess I use them interchangeably too. Thank you for your great examples!

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