Dating is the way people get to know one another. At first it seems to be an interview. Most folks need all the demographics and it permits them to stay on their best behavior. Demographics are safe.

Then it’s shared activities. So you like movies, what kind of movies. Golf that’s swell but I prefer bowling. That’s cool too. Frank Sinatra no Jefferson Airplane…I’m old and have no clue who’s in right now perhaps Lady Gaga who ever she is. Eventually if everything is still a go the probing gets around to the really important stuff like the toilet paper should roll off the bottom and I never open the window at night. Then they get married and the real surprises begin. I hate vegetables, and you’re a vegan? I didn’t know you snored? Wash your hands after doing that disgusting thing. When did you plan on mentioning you spent three years in jail? Church you actually go to church? Every week? You have how much credit card debt? What do you mean you want kids? Ten?

Dating is just the beginning to getting to know someone. Linda and I have been married thirty-six years and dated for two and a half years before getting married. She still has surprises for me, and from time to time I shock her. So every now and again we have a date night to get back to the infatuation phase of our relationship when innocence ruled the day. The time before she realized I’m going to eat baked beans in spite of the consequences and before I realized she would someday develop a passion for an endless string of home improvement projects.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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