Man Flowers

As a family we love to tease one another. So when the women in the family started dropping hints that flowers are an excellent way to let a woman know you love her, my two sons asked for “Man Flowers.”

They persisted with this confusing request every time the topic of flowers came up. Eventually it was just too good to contain any longer and the guys finally spilled the secret. Women love flowers and consider it a sign of love when a man gives them flowers. Men love beer and consider it a sign of love when a woman gives them beer. Thus beer is Man Flowers.

I’m told just as there are roses and carnations there are  permium and domestic beers. Carnations are nice but roses are more special and show a higher level of love.

 I’m old and I’ve long since quit pretending to be macho. I don’t know who sung what, I drank my last beer in the summer of 1978, I’m rarely up to date on the baseball or football standings and I buy Linda flowers for special occasions. That is when I remember  Valentines day, Mothers day, our anniversary, her birthday and Thursdays are special occasions. Why Thursdays, because they come after Wednesdays and before Fridays of course and Linda is a special woman. In return she kisses me and says “You’re my special Ed.” I take it as a compliment and they lived happily ever after.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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