Some people

I’ve long wondered why certain people do the things they do. The things I wouldn’t even consider are a reality in other peoples lives. I recently read a book written by a fascinating writer with a moral compass that is diametrically opposite to mine. A friend asked “why are you reading a book by that immoral woman.” My reply was “because I want to understand what makes her tick.” Is there real danger in exploring such things? There probably is and curiosity killed the cat but I need to understand the why behind the action. Why do so many people put graffiti on their body. There is no compunction inside of me that would consider a tattoo or a pearl stud in my tongue or a bulls nose ring. I see blue people running around and they don’t look like cute little smurfs. Is it that they are dissatisfied with their race or do they want to join the blue man group? I don’t want to condemn them but I do want to understand them. My wife use to jump out of airplanes for fun. I wonder where is the fun in being terrified?

People might ask me the same kinds of questions, why do you like to write, why do you like to draw cartoons, what is there about baseball that captivates you? Why do you have to constantly try to crawl into peoples minds? Why would a Christian man read a book written by an immoral woman about an immoral topic? I don’t have a satisfying answer to those questions. I just find these things interesting and I frequently like going there.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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