Preacher clean

Our pastor and his wife (Alan and Holly) are coming to our house tonight. We’ve been cleaning in preparation for their visit.

It occurred to me, there are several degrees of clean. There is Preacher clean and there is Deacon clean and the friends from church clean. There is also fussy mother-in-law clean, anal neighbors clean, and the bowling team clean. On another level there is the kids and grandkids clean and the ordinary everyday clean.

For some company we alter our life styles and for others it cool how ever they find it. Aunt Joyce has seen the full range, everything from scrumptious to the hurricane disaster mess. That’s because she just drops in and we love to see her. She may notice but she never says anything.

The truth is our lives range from  rapture to rupture and so does the condition of our home unless we know you’re coming. Then we clean it to the level of the comfort we have in our relationship with you.

It isn’t just the way we clean our homes but also our attitudes and subjects we discuss. I’m told coyotes range over a fifty square mile territory, my cats range over a three square mile area and my dog stays in the lawn. For some the range is extensive for others not so much. I know sometimes when I come into a room conversations come to an abrupt end and nervous faces look my way. I recognize the looks because I’ve given them in mid sentence when I see someone I presume to be more righteous than me suddenly arrives. It may not be because I was saying or doing anything so horrible but I feel there are some parts of my life that don’t measure up to this other persons standards.

Yet we live each moment in the presence of a Holy God. He’s more than Aunt Joyce who just drops in, God lives not just in our home but also in every thought, good or bad that enters our minds. He knows the rapture and the rupture and like Aunt Joyce he loves us in spite of our selves. Yet he doesn’t want us to range with the coyotes, or go out cat-ing around with our cats. He would prefer we be the faithful mutt that stays pretty close to home.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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