Political Fix

Election season is upon us and the choices aren’t looking real positive. I’m not a historian so I’m not sure who ran against George Washington but with todays campaigns tactics we’d known all the details about where George Washington slept and who he slept with. We would know how many Abe Lincoln failed and that Ike was in love with someone other than or in addition to Mrs. Ike.

Irrelevant truths, half-truths and total misrepresentations flood our air ways. It’s tough having confidence in those who will lead us. We only discover a candidates positions by inference. If he/she says in a sneering tone “He’s not Pro-Choice, I’m left to infer this candidate wants to murder babies.

Even more than the negative campaigning what bothers me is that the National Parties are defining how their candidates are allowed to think. The candidate I’d trust most as my representative is one who would pick and choose his/her vote each time a new issue came on the floor. I want independent thinkers in leadership rather than the lock step breed that we’re getting today. I’m mildly conservative that means six out ten times I lean conservative but four out of ten I lean liberal. More even than that I would, frequently, have blended bills that had the best points of each side.

I see Christians standing as divided as non-Christians. I think it relates back to the National Party decisions to define the issues. One Christian feels the major issue is “Poverty” so they support the liberal agenda, others think “Abortion” is the key issue and side with the conservative agenda. As a Christian I believe both poverty and abortion are significant issues that we need to address and I’d rather not be forced to choose just one.


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An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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