Under the weather

I’m not sure where the term “Under the weather” came from or why it communicated enough meaning to emerge as one of our frequently used terms. Neither Linda or I are feeling well this morning. In fact we are feeling so poorly we’re not likely to go out under the sky all day.

I envision the first guy who was described as feeling under the weather as rain-soaked, but then he might be frozen and exhibiting bad cold symptoms, or hot, sweaty and exhausted.

I read part of a book titled “Virus of the Mind” by Richard Brodie. It deals with memes. Memes are those things which reproduce themselves…not necessairly good Catholics who don’t believe in birth control  but rather ideas, words, pictures or “whatever”  catches on and proliferates.

It’s hard to know in advance what will be the next word to take on life beyond its present limits, or what product will make its inventor wealthy as the hula hoop has done for somebody. Who first used “Cool” to describe something other than less than warm but not yet cold? Who made cool a really cool word with an all new really, really cool meaning?

What was going on when co-worker walked up to Joey one morning and said “How they hanging Joey” and he replied “I’m feeling under the weather Frankie.” Then Frankie goes all around the office and says Joey said this really cool thing. He said he’s under the weather and he was actually in the break room. Then Martha tells her teenagers and the term gets into a East dunderville High School, it’s texted, tweeted and Facebooked around the world and we have a new term that sounds pretty cool and Webster can’t deny its proper place in the dictionary.

I don’t have a clue how “under the weather” got started but when I tell you Linda and I are feeling under the weather you have a good idea what we’re talking about. In the meanwhile an African exchange student is looking for us out under the clouds on this cool day in  late October.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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