Delightful words

I like some words not because of their meanings, or because they spark good memories but simply because they’re fun to spell.

Rendezvous is my number one favorite word to spell. I learned to spell it one day when I was stopped for a long traffic light behind a car, a Rendezvous.

Cacophony is another great word. The first time I saw this word in print I thought it was pronounced kack- a – phony.

Euthanasia took me a long time to find in the dictionary and I have a great story to go along with it.

Coyote is another fun word to know how to spell.

Aardvark I have a fun story for this one as well.

Llama any time we double the first letter of a word it’s delightful, wouldn’t you agree Aaron and Lloyd.

Glabrous is great because it’s so close to glamorous and all the bald guys I know love the word.

Exacerbate. I had to look this one up to understand what our former District Attorney was talking about. It was a fun trip to the dictionary. (No I wasn’t in trouble with the law).

Do any of my writer friends out there have words you love to put on a page because they are so much fun spell?


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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5 Responses to Delightful words

  1. Juli says:

    I can’t spell…so I don’t enjoy writing words because of how they are spelled. I like words because of how they sound, fit together, and feel in the mouth!

  2. Oh, yes! Discombobulated, which I get frequently!

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