Middle age.

For Methuselah middle age was 484.5 years old, for Abraham it 87.5 years old. We don’t really know when we’ve reached middle age. Of one thing I pretty sure I won’t make it to 141 so I’m truly eligible for senior discounts.

The point is if we could determine the mid-point of our lives we could make a good argument for retiring and collecting benefits the day after we turn 36 or 42 or 45 or what ever our magic number turns out to be.

Then again that would be like living on death row for half our life and that’s not a good thing.

Most of us consider forty to be young but realistically its middle age for the bulk of our population. Isn’t it about the point people start experiencing a mid-life crisis? In the past couple years I’ve become more comfortable with my mortality. Arthritis and unreliable bodily functions tend to get a person on the same page with the subject of reality, and it isn’t as bad as you might think it is.

Knowing Jesus as my Lord and savior and my entry  pass into heaven is a big deal. It’s my get out of Jail free card and my right to go past Go and into his eternal presence. No being put on hold, no waiting for a representative to become available. It’s the fastest space journey known, exceeding the speed of light and the destination makes Hawaii look like a dump.

Just thought you might want to ponder on the idea of middle age. If not I’m not sorry I scared you.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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2 Responses to Middle age.

  1. Mary says:

    When I was 20, I was convinced I’d already passed middle age. I wasn’t exactly running with a long-lived crowd at the time, and now I am one of the few still remaining of that circle of friends.
    Turning 40 seems very strange to me, but… in a way I feel as if I’m living on a second chance, so I don’t have the fear of death some people my own age seem to have. I’m looking forward to the good things, grandkids in particular… I look forward to seeing those I love who’ve gone on ahead one day, but I’m in no rush, either. God’s time is good. 🙂

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