Sexual intercourse is about several things. First it can be  pleasurable. Secondly it’s a way of expressing love. Third it is about ownership. 

When two people have sexual relations with one another they’re giving one another a deed. It’s a deed to themselves at the deepest level. You now own me and I own you. We rarely think in those terms especially when we fail to think about sex beyond its pleasurable aspects. Yet we see its negative side in the jealous acts of a sexual partner who becomes obsessed and tries to jail his/her partner to hold fast to their deed. 

Sex is much more than a pleasurable activity it’s about ownership. When that ownership claim is handled lovingly it’s a beautiful thing, it’s a life time committment that creates life and creativity. When the deed to another person is claimed in an improper way it’s an ugly thing, it’s a selfish thing and it destroys life.

When the pleasurably side of sex seeks multiple sexual partners the deed becomes complicated. Rather than one person having free and clear ownership it’s as if there are many owners as in a time share to a vacation home.  Time shares are complex things and subject to wide-spread abuse. Families get messed up and children are harmed in untold ways.

As you can see I’m still trying to sort the ramifications out in my mind.


About oldelvdm16

An old guy who likes writing, loves his family and his God.
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One Response to Sex

  1. Mary says:

    *laughing* Ed, I am so going to use that image with my kids… it’s like a vacation home… you, my friend, are priceless, and I have missed reading your wisdom. 🙂

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