Crats and Cans

I have two young friends who have recently aligned themselves with the Democratic Party. I have other friends who are ultra conservative Republicans. What I see are wonderful people who are believing the lie that there are only two choices available and so they are picking the one they consider least offensive. 

Both points of view want to kill people. The Democrats insist on murdering babies and the Republicans seem to enjoy war and executing bad guys. I don’t want to kill anyone but in my limited mind I’m not always sure how to avoid war but it is a simple mater to avoid sanctioning executions and abortion.

On the matter of spending I think of my household. The years my budget permits I go on vacation, but when the bills are piling up and I can’t afford it I stay home. The Crats say hang the budget and go on vacation every year while the Cans constantly cry poverty and never go on vacation.

It goes on and on like this in places like Washington DC and Albany NY. and I grow tired of my choices so I say put the Crat in the Can and haul it to the landfill. If we start over with new representation that isn’t so locked into these limited alternatives perhaps we can accomplish great things again.


2 Responses to Crats and Cans

  1. Stevie Palinosky says:

    I’ve always felt that in politics (and MANY other things in life) the answer lies somewhere between the extremes. Of course the challenge is finding that point…

    BTW, am I now visiter number 10 for the year?

    Stevie sez

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